• Children's Program

    This is the perfect program for children ages 3-7 who are new to dance and for the experienced teen who is interested in taking ballet, jazz, tap or modern just once per week. 

    Adult Program

    SUMMER ADULT BALLET (Ages 14-105 - no experience necessary),

    June 15th - August 3rd

    Thursdays from 7:00-8:30PM

    Teacher: Alexei Tyukov

    $18 per class (drop-in) - please bring a check or exact cash. 

    Dancing is one of the best cardio workouts! CBC is happy to offer Adult Ballet and Adult Tap. Both of these forms of dance actively exercise all of the body’s muscles, helping to burn fat and develop a sleek physique. So, are you looking to shed a few extra pounds? How about this fun way to do it?

    One of the greatest benefits of ballet is the wonders it does for our posture. The basic requirement of ballet is neutral stance, which in simple terms refers to a straight spine and hips that are parallel. Regular practice of ballet ensures that this stance, or good posture, spills over into our day-to-day life, thus promoting good health. Ballet training also includes exercises that are meant to develop one’s poise and grace.

    Dancing enhances flexibility. In fact, ballet and tap work and stretch those muscles that are ignored by most other sports activities.

    Dancing harnesses a lot of brain power, too! It helps to boost your brain because dancing requires you to learn choreographed moves, remember them correctly, and make calculations to fit them properly with the rhythm and music.

    And what about those endorphins?! Dancing naturally releases these feel-good chemicals, helping to relieve stress and aid in relaxation of the mind and body. Dancing teaches us to concentrate on each and every movement performed by the body. This concentration acts as a self-healing activity that helps relieve mental tension.

    *There is an opportunity for adults taking the ballet classes to perform in CBC's annual Nutcracker!


  • OPEN PROGRAM SCHEDULE (Beginning August 14th, 2017)

  • Class Hours/Week Rate/Month Day/Time Teacher
    Pre-Ballet 1 (Ages 3.5-5) 45 min. $55 TBD TBD
    Pre-Ballet 2 (Ages 6-7) 1 hour $60 TBD TBD
    Ballet/Tap 1 (Ages 4-5) 45 min. $55 TBD TBD
    Ballet/Tap 2 (Ages 6-8) 45 min. $55 TBD TBD
    Adult Tap (Ages 14-105 - no experience necessary) 1 hour (every week) $60 TBD Kim
    Private Lessons 1 hour Varies Depends on instructor schedule Faculty